New Art Highlights

6 - 12 November 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Gareth Kemp, Cherry Tenneson, James Paddock and Karolina Albricht

Lonesome on the Trail, 2017 by Gareth Kemp

Gareth Kemp

This comes from a series of artificial landscapes in which I attempt to balance content and form. It is built up in layers. Plant forms seemingly float rather than taking root. The title references a song by Thin Lizzy.

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Measure for Measure, 2017 by Cherry Tenneson

Cherry Tenneson

Pencil drawing printed onto vinyl, on PVC

(A new model of Shakespeare Tower, Barbican. (Post-) post-it block.)

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Question, 2017 by James Paddock

James Paddock 

This conceptual artwork relates to human conditioning, free speech and the need to question all things.

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Look where I am now, 2017 by Karolina Albricht

Karolina Albricht

Oil on canvas

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