New Art Highlights:

5 - 12 June 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Ewan Robertson, Kristy Campbell, Martyn Cross and Ally Wallace

Iron: Origins and Destinations - Filmed material, 2017 by Ewan Robertson

Iron: Origins and Destinations - Filmed material

To expand out from and contextualise some of the strands of interest examined as part of the Iron: Origins and Destinations exhibition and symposium, a short film has been commissioned and screened along with three archive shorts from the Moving Image Archive at National Library of Scotland. 

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Trace, 2017 by Kristy CampbellTrace 

This collection of designs are colourful constructions of parts resembling the 'left-overs' of the spoken and written word. The negative space, the echoes, and the trace of a happening.

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And Stood Breathing, 2017 by Martyn Cross

And Stood Breathing

Fused plastic carrier bags.

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Bonnington Turbine, 2017 by Ally Wallace

Bonnington Turbine

Ink on paper. One in a series of drawings done on site at Bonnington hydro-electric power station. Part of a current self-initiated residency at the station. See 'Projects'.

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