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4 - 10 September 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Tessa Bunney, Katya Robin, Winnie Herbstein and Kate Stobbart

Dante Batuahn, Bantayan Island, The Philippines, 2014 by Tessa Bunney

Dante Batuahn, Bantayan Island, The Philippines, 2014, Tessa Bunney

Dante Batuhan (38), fisherman with his catch, Pooc, Bantayan Island, The Philippines. Every morning at 7 am fisherwomen meet fishermen as they return from the sea with their catch. Women sort the fish by size and type, then weigh and distribute the fish between saleswomen to be sold on to local customers. On November 6 2013 Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and was one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall. Three-quarters of the island’s population of about 136,000 depend on fishing as their main source of income. Thousands lost their boats and equipment in the storm.

Commissioned by Oxfam GB.

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Deadhead Mix, 2017 by Katya Robin

Deadhead Mix, Katya Robin

Deadheading is a gardening technique to extend flowering. Fading flower heads are removed so the plant directs energy into growing more flowers rather than developing its seeds.

I am gathering the deadheads from my garden, to attempt to make a pigment of my garden flowers. The name of any resulting paint will be Deadhead Mix, vintage End of Summer 2017.

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Screw us and we multiply, 2016 by Winnie Herbstein

Screw us and we multiply, Winnie Herbstein 

'Screw us and we multiply' was shown as part of 'Bit Between Teeth', an exhibition with Sofia Duchovny at the artist run space Sattler & Pötzsch in Liepzig. It was made in response to the work of Duchovny and sets up a narrative around the relationship to movement, protest and sexuality, exploring the inherent power dynamics within these positions. The video stills, abstracted from their original forms as views through car windows sit alongside images of heteronormative exchanges. The video, displayed on dual screens during the exhibition, presented two voices that circulated in and out of consent.

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Hand Cleansing Techniques number one: how to wash your hands with soap and water, 2014 by Kate Stobbart

Hand CleansingTechniques number one: how to wash your hands with soap and water, Kate Stobbart

A demonstration of latest hand cleansing guidance for health care staff with the NHS: Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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