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31 July - 6 August 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Tom Ireland, Martin Heron, Gillian Adair Mcfarland and Helen Dryden.

THE HEAVENS, 2017 by Tom Ireland

THE HEAVENS, Tom Ireland

THE HEAVENS was an installation presented at ArebyteLASER in April 2017.

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Welly Walk, 2016 by Helen Dryden

Welly Walk, Helen Dryden

Walking about in mud and puddles in fields in North Eastern England. Acrylic on canvas.

All the time, I am thinking about painting. So even on a break to visit my family, I watched my step mother walk in the puddles, and thought about 'Blotter' by Peter Doig. Getting back to nature, and familial bonding is something we can all appreciate. I loved the light from the sky reflecting on the surface of the water, and the fact that a 69 year old woman could still enjoy walking in muddy puddles as much as a small child would.

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Appealing to the Populous, 1st November - 1st December 2017 by Gillian Adair Mcfarland

Appealing to the Populous, Gillian Adair Mcfarland  

The exhibition is to be part of Berlin Science Week and will coincide with its opening and conference. The curation examines artists efforts to attend to the science of evolutionary biology while petitioning for preservation.

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ARTiculated Yarn, 2017 by Martin Heron

 ARTiculated Yarn, Martin Heron

First of a number of participatory creative workshops with young people as part of Arts Council Northern Ireland ARTiculate Project. Organised by Dunlewey Addiction Sevices and hosted by ABC Community Network, Portadown.

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