New Art Highlights:

30 January - 3 February 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb members Diana Ali, Jake Francis, Heather Ross and John Clark

Diana Ali, Professional Mentor BBC1 TV 'Big Painting Challenge 2'

Diana Ali shares news about her new role as a Professional Mentor on the BBC Television show 'Big Painting Challenge 2'.

Diana Ali big painting challenge

Presented by Mariella Frostrup and The Reverend Richard Coles, BBC One challenges ten creative and inspired contestants to pick up their paintbrushes and dust off their palettes to join The Big Painting Challenge. 

Ten passionate amateur artists undertake an intensive, six-week, artistic boot-camp, in a bid to perfect their skills and be crowned the overall champion.

Inspiring mentors Diana Ali and Pascal Anson will guide the ten new contenders - all with diverse artistic backgrounds - through different painting challenges in five separate disciplines.

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Jake Francis, Monopoly: The Immigrant Edition, 2017

A new artwork by Jake Francis taking a satirical look at something that's been in the news recently.

Jake Francis - Monopoly The Immigrant Edition

Oh what a week it has been!

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Heather Ross, The Stormcock, 2017

A moving image work first filmed in 2014 and then performed live in 2015, at The Brunel Tunnel Shaft, London. 

Heather Ross Stormcock

The work explores the gesture of the Mistle-Thrush bird, also known as the 'Stormcock' for the way that it sings into the tooth of a gale during a storm. The work connests this gesture with the 2014 Scottish Referendum.

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John Clark, Half Man, Half Man, 2017

A figure made from cardboard, glue and felt tip

John Clark Half Man Half Man

I paint and build people. They are usually imagined, occasionally remembered and sometimes they are models; fragments of bodies that I have found and/or built.

Whatever the source, the work proceeds with some urgency as if it were a hunt. Meanings percolate gently through the mixing; attaching and detaching themselves as the arrangements shift. I exert little control but take notice and what I notice I paint or build. I suspect that at the heart of the process is a question of identity, allied to a suspicion that the real world is as much a product of desire as it is an object.

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