New Art Highlights

3 July - 9 July 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Tim Pugh, Carl Rowe, Martin Hamblen and Jessica Harby.

"Plastic Death Star", 2017 by Tim Pugh

Plastic Death Start, 2017 by Tim Pugh

The temporary beach intervention was created at South Beach near Whitehaven in West Cumbria and was created in response to the news that President Trump announced he was abandoning the Paris Climate accord .

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BALLOT, 2017 by Carl Rowe

Artwork BALLOT  2017 by Artist Carl Rowe

BALLOT is portfolio of prints made in collaboratively between Norwich 
University of the Arts, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork Printmakers, Limerick School of Art & Design. Published and exhibited at FIRSTEDITION print symposium presented by Cork Printmakers. Devised by Carl Rowe. 

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A Small Jump With Words (2017) by Martin Hamblen

A Small Jump With Words (2017)  2017 by Martin Hamblen 

Standing in a hula hoop I uttered the phrase "Have a little faith, baby. Have a little faith." A sample taken from the film Kelly's Heroes. Then I jumped. And repeated. Again and again for about two hours and forty minutes. 

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The Thing (Work In Progress), 2017 by Jessica Harby

 The Thing (Work In Progress)  2017 by Jessica Harby

The Thing is not necessarily the final title for a year-long work of endurance embroidery. 

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