New Art Highlights:

3 - 10 April 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Richard Higlett, James Moore, Andrew Payne and Kathy Dalwood.

After & Before, 2017 by Richard Higlett

After & Before

Installation and typeface edition March 2017 

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Mr & Mrs Cobain at TJ's, Newport, AD1991, 2017 by James Moore

Mr & Mrs Cobain at TJ's, Newport, AD1991

Oil on Paper. From a series of history paintings, these pictures are based on events that took place, but that are ill documented. Concentrating on the surreal overtones that collaged space can evoke, the paintings bring together a choppy pictorial space born from sampling the media landscape that has replaced our reality.

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Weir Lines 2, 2017 by Andrew Payne

Weir lines 2 

This is a sequence of close-up shots of river water flowing over a weir. The shots contain reflections of reeds in the water, but because of the speed and ripples of the water's surface, patterns are created that change in appearance over time.

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Plaster Bust Re-imagined, 7 April - 29 October 2017, Kathy Dalwood

The Plaster Bust Re-imagined 

An installation of plaster busts in the historic Chinese Room at Harewood House as part of the 'Victorian Harewood' season.

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