New Art Highlights:

28 February - 6 March 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Flow by Matthew Webber, Simulacrum 02 by Steve Joyce, Hiraeth (Darn #2) by Paul R Jones and Small House Gallery: Mother & Daughter by Eldi Dundee  

Flow by Matthew Webber

My paintings are influenced by maps, aerial photography and the landscape around my east London home. They are constructed, layer by layer, over a period of several months.

Flow 2016 by Matthew Webber

Oil & acrylic on plywood. One of an ongoing series of miniature paintings on wood.

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Simulacrum 02 by Steve Joyce

My current work questions the nature of things, images and experiences; the significance, the meaning, connotations and expectations. 

Simulacrum 02 by Steve Joyce

Print from a series called simulacrum, on exhibition in march 2017 at the Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich.

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Hiraeth (Darn #2) by Paul R Jones

Paul R Jones' art practice is a constellation of social, local and temporary encounters, dialogues, maps and navigations.

Hiraeth (Darn #2) by Paul R Jones 

A Raid i’r Iaith ein Gwahanu? The Welsh Assembly Government initiative Iaith Pawb aimed to create a truly bilingual Wales and was significant in introducing language planning into Welsh policy making (WAG, 2003). In the 2001 census it was estimated that 2.2 million people in Wales were unable to speak Welsh. In his influential essay The Welsh Extremist, Thomas (1973) suggested that the relationship between Welsh and English speakers in Wales was both psychologically fascinating and politically crucial. In regard to the Anglo-Welsh Thomas questioned how far did they feel themselves to be Welsh? Thomas was of the opinion that it was hard to establish what English speaking Welsh think and feel. English speaking Welsh were uncertain of their future direction. However, as Dylan Philips observes in his essay A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End? The Welsh Language in Postcolonial Wales (Aaron & Williams 2005), the Welsh language, even if it is not a first or second language, is the single most significant ingredient that unites a people as a nation.

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Small House Gallery: Mother & Daughter by Eldi Dundee

Eldi Dundee's practice consists of an interchange of painting, photography, assemblage, performance, installation, writing, drawing and sculpture. 

Small House Gallery: Mother & Daughter by Eldi Dundee

The Small House Gallery is a mini contemporary art curation project for a dolls house in the living room of a private South London residence.

Inaugrural exhibition: Mother & Daughter by Eldi and Hope Dundee

The curation project is open up to other artists’ work and co-curation, and it is hoped that it will eventually be an ever-changing, on-going, touring project.

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