New Art Highlights

27 November - 3 December 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Nastassja Simensky, Lisa Selby, Marilyn Kyle and Alex Hetherington

Colloquy, 2014 by Nastassja Simensky

Nastassja Simensky

Built during the interregnum at Chatham in 1654, The London formed part of the English Squadron sent to collect Charles II from the Netherlands and restore him to the throne in an attempt to stem the political crisis following the death of Cromwell. 

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Fake 50 quid wrap, 2017 by Lisa Selby

Lisa Selby

Digital photograph.

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Grass Wedding Dress, 2009-16 by Marilyn Kyle

Marilyn Kyle 

Aluminium, Wedding Dress, Grass, Soil

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The Speaker has once more risen above the object of his song, or, No Space is Innocent!, 2017 by Alex Hetherington

Alex Hetherington

Films by Ursula Mayer, video by Gail Pickering and Gabriel Abrantes, readings from Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Anne Carson, Kathy Acker, Chelsea Manning, still images from Helen Chadwick. Speakers: Lyndsay Mann and Alex Hetherington. Photography by Jacquetta Clark. Courtesy the artists and Cooper Gallery. Cooper Gallery, Dundee, 23 November 2017

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