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27 March - 3 April 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Sally Kidall, Lyndsay Martin, Adam King and Tom Cartmill.

New large rainforest based installation, 2017, by Sally Kidall

New large rainforest based installation

Sally Kidall is finishing yet another huge installation in the depths of the rain forest on the site of an ex-coal mine in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia. Called "Portable Containment: cradle to cradle" explores issues relating to our precious natural resources in relation to the environmental impacts of our addiction to over consumption. She has created an inside/outside installation with a transparent fabric jacket which encases this old coal miners cottage and has transformed the inside. Exhibition: Sculpture at Scenic World 2017 opens on the 8 April & runs for 3 weeks.

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Notions of a Home, 2014 by Lyndsay Martin

Notions of a Home explores the emotional consequences of human relationships. Blurring the lines between the future and the past, reality and fantasy. The images like pages torn from a book and read out of order or randomly sliced reels of film. The storylines are deliberately left open to interpretation reiterate this.

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Windscreen Country, 2017 by Adam King

Windscreen Country 

Film still from Windscreen Country 2017, 07:15 mins, available to view on Vimeo

This still composed using Animation Creator HD on iPad

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Selected for DRAWN at the RWA, 2017 by Tom Cartmill

Selected for DRAWN at the RWA 

Fragment V | ink on paper has been selected for DRAWN at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

DRAWN is a biennial open submission drawing exhibition, which aims to explore the boundaries of drawing and celebrate it as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool.

Drawn and The Drawing Lab | 01 Apr 17 - 04 Jun 17 | RWA, Queen’s Road, Bristol BS8 1PX

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