New Art Highlights

23 - 29 October 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Judith Alder, Marc Renshaw, Anne Penman Sweet and Dana Sychugova

Pink Spread (A case of mistaken identity), 2017 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder

Part of the ongoing Spread series exploring ideas about growth, change and evolution.
Modified table, paint, paper and glue.
Pink Spread (A case of mistaken identity) was shortlisted for The Annex Collection Award 2017

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...blip ladder, 2017 by Marc Renshaw

Marc Renshaw

Sign just put up on our new temporary art space in Grimsby town centre - an axisweb Vacant Space. We're starting off with some window installations beginning in early November. 


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'Mesa de la Luna I' by Sweet+Shore, 2017 by Anne Penman Sweet

Anne Penman Sweet 

Oil on gesso on aluminium panel 68x78cm

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Untitled (Soviet sports) 2, 2017 by Dana Sychugova

Dana Sychugova

Digital collage

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