New Art Highlights:

22 - 29 May 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Jane Oldfield, Rob Elford, Chomko and Rosier and Paul Barlow.

Beautiful Cloud, 2017 by Jane Oldfield

Beautiful Cloud

Made from my daughter's wedding dress for 'Why walk when you could fly?'

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Monolithic Smile, 2017 by Rob Elford

Monolithic Smile by Rob Elford 

The inspiration for this work came from a trip to Greece at the height of the current economic crisis. I noticed that stunning classical architecture and ancient sculpture were surrounded by the decaying, decimated icons of our post-modern world. The mask exists is an ironic reminder of good taste in the form of minimalist restraint and also represents the constant reinforcement of current digital design norms via viral social media campaigns.

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Lost Palace, 2017 by Chomko and Rosier

Lost Palace Chomko and Rosier

The Lost Palace is an interactive exploration of the spaces and stories of the Palace of Whitehall, 300 years after it burnt to the ground. Visitors to Historic Royal Palaces Banqueting House in central London received a bespoke handheld device, which guides them to the sites of stories from the long lost Palace at Whitehall. These sites are marked by full-scale architectural reproductions of features of the palace - doors, posts and gates. Touching their device to these architectural ‘portals’ allows visitors to enter into the stories that happened on those very spots. 

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Untitled, 2017 by Paul Barlow


Acrylic, canvas.

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