New Art Highlights:

20 February - 27 February 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: On Reflection by Caren Garfen, Lady Fox-Strangeways by Corinna Spencer, Whitton papers by Emily Tracy and Latuske's Shadows by Steve Evans.  

On Reflection by Caren Garfen

On Reflection  2017 by Caren Garfen

Caren's work employs textiles to create artworks relating to women's issues in the 21st century. On Reflections presents soluble capsules containing text hand stitched in mirror-writing. To read the words it is necessary to look through the mirror. The distorted view of how eating disorder sufferers see themselves is reflected in the words, ‘bulky’, ‘gigantic’, ‘fat’....

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Lady Fox-Strangeways by Corinna Spencer

Corinna is a painter whose work explores obsession, love and death.

Lady Fox-Strangeways  2016 by Corinna Spencer

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Whitton papers, 2017 by Emily Tracy

Emily's practice is around social engagement. Her work explores architecture, history and stories of a place. Whitton papers is an artist book featuring a collection of paper from Whitton High street. Made during Tracy & Hobbs residency at Whitton Library.

Whitton papers  2017 by Emily Tracy 

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Latuske's Shadows, 2017 by Steve Evans

Steve's work is is based around his interest in architecture and the perception of buildings and spaces. Informed by my background in structural engineering and the techniques and formal qualities of technical drawing before the advent of CAD - qualities of precision, regimentation, the repetition of line and reference to geometry and measurement.

Latuske's Shadows  2017 by Steve Evans

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