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18 - 24 September 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Alison Gill, Chris Dunseath, Rebecca Lowe and Eugene Macki

Regenerator (Utopia n), 2015 by Alison Gill

Regenerator (Utopia n), Alison Gill

Regenerator (Utopia n) was produced for Deptford X: London’s Contemporary Art Festival in 2015. The tumbleweed sculpture is made from wire . The structural branching forms have been metalized with ‘fool’s gold’ in a vacuum chamber generating a futuristic, science fiction effect. Think of tumbleweed and it conjures up images of Western films, desolate locations, abandoned gold rush towns or tragic-comic emptiness and silence. Tumbleweed, in visual media, often appears where everything else has gone; the place is wiped out (i.e. nothing left but tumbleweed). If regeneration seems to kill a place, Regenerator (Utopia n) aims to offer something potentially more hopeful. The sculpture became an event, moving between various locations during Deptford X and aimed to raise questions and conversation about local development, regeneration and the speculators attracted to the area. Importantly, the work played out an alternative, another kind of speculation, one focused less on capital; to speculate is after all a creative act of imagination and ‘dreams are made of this’. *
*Squeeze lyrics

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On Top #2, 2017 by Chris Dunseath

'On Top #2', Chris Dunseath

Ancaster stone & polychromed paper pulp.

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Cast #4, 2017 by Rebecca Lowe

Cast #4, Rebecca Lowe 

Concrete cast

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Spark of Innocence, 2017, Eugene Macki

Spark of Innocence, Eugene Macki

Wood, screws, filler, paint (36 x 269 x 7 cm)

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