New Art Highlights:

17 - 24 April 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Dana Sychugova, Julie Lawrence, James Lumsden and Robert McCubbin.

Glitter Eater, 2017 by Dana Sychugova

Glitter Eater

Digital collage

I use drawing, collage, photo and video. In my artwork I try to comprehend the world as the whole. Human life can be perceived not necessarily as a sequence of random experiences but as meaningful and related phenomena. I am interested in opening up a dialogue between my artwork and the viewer to consider these experiences and the nature of being a human in this world.

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Meeting, 2017 by Julie Lawrence


Oil on Canvas. Studio practice relating to childhood memory and the liminal space of adolescence.

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Reflection 6th May 2017 - 30th May James Lumsden


Solo exhibition at The & Gallery, Edinburgh.

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Shelter, 2047 by Robert McCubbin


Developmental drawing with cladding
1596 x 1200 pixels
Pen, pencil and digital media

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