New Art Highlights

17 - 23 July 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Bob Budd, Lucy Austin, Mike Gent and Margaret Ashman

Impossible Dream, 2017 by Bob Budd

`Impossible Dream', Bob Budd

Installation: A pair of spectacles made of sheep fleeces located in La Fabrica de la Llana (Wool Factory) in Andorra.

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Which way up, 9 September - 4 October 2017 by Lucy Austin

which way up, Lucy Austin

My paintings Hinterland and Sea Legs (above) have been included in an exhibition of six abstract painters curated by Artist Nick Moore. Artists include Celia Cook, John Eaves RWA, Brendan Lancaster and Antony Seymour. The show opens on 9th September until 4th October at Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth, GL6 0LA. On Sat 23rd Sept there will be Artist Conversations starting at 2pm

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2016, 2017 by Mike Gent

2016 Mike Gent 

Acrylic on paper
760 x 760mm

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In the Beginning II, 2017 by Margaret Ashman

 In the Beginning II

Photo Etching
Edition of 20
25 x 25 cm

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