New Art Highlights

16 - 22 October 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Sam Walker, Alison O'Neill, Matt Morris and Melissa Atkinson

World Series: Whistleblowers, 2017 by Sam Walker

Sam Walker

Based on American baseball pennants, World Series is an ongoing body of work responding to the global political situation since Trump took office. Each pennant is handmade and sewn using felt.

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Lass Struggle, 2017 by Alison ONeill

Alison Oneill

I co-curated and exhibition with screenings and performances at FiLiA 2017 at the Institute of education 14-15th October 2017 with Jane Hellings.

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Sissors, 2017 by Matt Morris

Matt Morris 

Oil On Board 
36 x 20 cm

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Chemigram Series_Moon, 2017 by Melissa Atkinson

Melissa Atkinson

Chemigrams have provided me with an alternative photographic process to explore the themes of the cosmos and human body. Both with intricate and complex systems of movement, which I hope I captured with organic and non-organic fluid on photo paper.

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