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13 March - 20 March 2017


New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Angela Kennedy, Robert McCubbin, Peter Gudynas and Lucienne Cole.

She Walked Out, 2017, by Angela Kennedy

Text, Acrylic paint, Torn Cartridge paper

Angela Kennedy is a multi-disciplinary artist, activist and somatic dance practitioner. Interested in how her inherently choreographic practice manifests into performance installation, poetry, movement, walking, spoken word, drawing and video. 

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Map, 2017 by Robert McCubbin

Diagrammatic collage utilising cigarette packaging in its construction

Map  2017 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin works with abstract sculptural forms, his work combines an exploration of contemporary visual culture and technology with art-historical references. The resultant 'fusion' pieces are constructed from everyday materials.

Set at a human scale Robert explores colour, form and textural arrangements, utilizing collage and assemblage techniques in their construction. 

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Outside In (Liminal Space), 2017 by Peter Gudynas

Outside In (Liminal Space)  2017 by Peter Gudynas 

Peter Gudynas is a visual artist best known for his graphic art and creative photography.  Much of his recent fine art photographic work envisions landscapes and environments notable for the absence of human presence, yet at the same time strangely haunted by that presence and the detritus humankind leaves behind in the wake of social, industrial and technological progress.

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Merging- An Ounce of Flounce, 2017 by Lucienne Cole

Merging- An Ounce of Flounce  2017 by Lucienne Cole 

Photographs taken on the last day of Lucienne's Residency at Cass School of Art, ( London Met), in March 2017.

Performing for the camera - 'Self- Portrait's, wearing Screen-printed, Repeat Pattern, Ribbon cape and back wall installation of Ribbon screen-prints.

Lucienne's practice is rooted in popular culture, encompassing Performance, Video, Photography , Drawing/Painting and Collage, reflecting and highlighting the slippages between fantasy and reality in everyday life.

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