New Art Highlights

1 - 7 January 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Anne Thalheim, Ian Rayer-Smith, Kristy Campbell and Tom Pearman

Miss Havisham & Estella (detail), 2018 by Anne Thalheim

Anne Thalheim

A double portrait. Mixed media, 2017.

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Leap, 2017 by Ian Rayer-Smith

Ian Rayer-Smith

Acrylic on wooden panel.

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Distribution (4), 2018 by Kristy Campbell

Kristy Campbell 

Abstract compositions of staggered and experimental line and colour, unearthing the scaffold of typographic technicalities.

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Tom Pearman

Public Artist Tom Pearman, has taken the concept of the rail and tram networks and the idea of ‘moving along a line’, to create a series of way-finding signs, together with a wall art plaque which references the rail network colours and symbols. This artwork and signage creates a unique and inspiring identity for the development. The large plaque is located on a prominent wall space within the development. Tom will use particular colours and font with an Art-Deco style, to reflect the important period when there was significant infrastructure growth in Croydon. These signs and artworks are created using vitreous enamel on steel – this is the same material and technique that is still used today for signage utilised by the rail transport network in London, both overground and underground.

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