Climate change brought on as a result of our increasing rates of consumption is one of the biggest problems facing our current society. The effects of this approaching change will be numerous, from the destruction of the natural environment to the increase in scarcity and conflict - our current future does not look bright!

Our Artist of the Month David Lisser looks towards these possible futures through the use of speculative fiction as a way of imagining what our alternative avenues of consumption will look like. We ask him a few questions on his practice and join him in imagining possible solutions to our doomed future.

To coincide with these themes we have used this months Five2Watch and Playlist to gather artworks from our directory to consider how some of you have tackled similar subjects of Consumption and The Anthropocene. In parallel to this we take a look back into our archive at Rant 33 which asks the question “Why is Art more important than the planet?"

This month we also announce the winner of our most recent Artist Award: Romily Alice Warden. Romily will be creating an interactive installation that speaks to her experience of living with a chronic disability that renders her mostly housebound. Romily shares a few comments on how she wishes to spend the money and gives insight into her upcoming project.

This month we are also delighted to announce the recipients of the 'Social Works?' commission and bursaries, which was organised as part of our Models of Validation project in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University. The get-togethers and workshops will be taking place over the coming months and will be advertised here, along with the launch of a publication featuring newly commissioned writing on Socially Engaged Artistic Practice. This will be available online and in print, and officially launched at the Social Art Summit on 1st and 2nd November in Sheffield. To compliment this huge announcement we take another look at our members with a second Five2Watch on the subject of Socially Engaged Practice.

Winners of our 48 hour residency award also soon to follow!



Artist of the Month - David Lisser

“I make the my artwork for the public, exhibiting my work internationally, enabling audiences to grasp and understand my version of social and political issues through the medium of textiles”.

Romily Alice Walden

We are pleased to announce that Romily Alice Walden is the winner of Round 05 of the Axisweb Artist Award. Romily will receive £1,000 plus additional support from Axisweb.

Playlist: Consumption

In this week's Playlist we present a selection of videos by our members that have a theme of 'Consumption'. 

Five2Watch: The Anthropocene

For #Five2Watch we've selected five artists who have explored the concept of the Anthropocene within their work: Tom Duggan, Karen Moser, Rebecca Chesney, Martyn Cross and Julie Mecoli.

Social Works? Funding Announcements

The Models of Validation Project is really pleased to announce the funding recipients of the Social Works? programme, which is supported by Manchester Metropolitan University, Arts Council England, The Art House Wakefield, and Heart of Glass. 

What’s On: August 2018

We highlight some of our favourite events happening in August 2018 by Axisweb Members.

Rant 33: Why is art more important than the planet?

Can the arts really commit to a low carbon future? Is implementing energy saving and recycling schemes enough? Robert Butler doesn't think so. He asks why is art more important than the planet? Why shouldn't art have to rethink its priorities in the ongoing battle to reduce our collective carbon footprint?

#Five2Watch Socially Engaged Practice (COMING SOON)

Watch this space. Five artists + Socially Engaged Practice 

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