Despite affecting everyone in unimaginably different ways, the ongoing national lockdown has made clear the necessity for us to build new worlds in order to survive. These new worlds have taken us out of the confines of our homes and deep into our imaginations, they have transported us into new communities online, and have grounded us in new daily routines and rituals. Whether physical or virtual, fantastical or everyday, these worlds have shown us the importance of the environments that we create for ourselves, and reminded us of our creative resilience and capacity for change.   

Our new Digital Resident Jaron Hill will use portraiture and collaboration to explore the symbolic meaning that can be found in a body’s position and physicality within the environment. Jaron asks how internal and external landscapes shape one another, and how cultural forces shape internal and external landscapes respectively. 

The theme of world-building continues through our micro-commission programme with Ro Hardaker who is interested in the power of the voice both individually and in chorus, as well as silence and the haptic realisation and reception of sound. What might a political gesture or vocalisation sound/feel like when it doesn’t engage with language, yet travels through the body? Sam Williams will develop A Soft Landing, an online space that is imagined as a digital ‘garden’ - a space which warrants return visits by providing opportunities to share, learn, contribute and care for ourselves and others. 

Due to delays brought on by the pandemic, our previous digital residents and micro-commission artists will continue to develop artworks under the theme of collaboration alongside our new programme. 

This week Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth present their new text Reflection on Reflection, which looks back at previous collaborative artworks and inspirations to give insight into their collaborative processes and the new work being developed as part of their digital residency.

Moa Johansson and an*dre neely share filling up the orbit the second instalment of their micro-commission project. Moa and an*dre continue to reimagine ways of finding togetherness in the digital through resisting big-tech corporations and exploring the creative possibilities/restrictions of decentralized, open-source platforms. The first instalment withechoes can still be viewed here

Social Art Library (an Axis project) are delighted to announce a FREE online talk and Q&A with Tyler Denmead, founder of New Urban Arts, Providence and lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge.

The talk will draw on Tyler’s book, The Creative Underclass: Youth, Race, and The Gentrifying City (Duke University Press, 2019) which critically examines his paradoxical role as the founder of an American-based arts studio for youth.

The event will take place from 7 - 8pm GMT on 14 April. Places are limited, so sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment using the Eventbrite link provided.

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-creative-underclass-with-tyler-denmead-tickets-145301267001

Axis is searching for a freelance Creative Technologist to join our small team at an arts charity committed to making a measurable positive impact for artists, communities and audiences.

You will have the ability to hit the ground running and work collaboratively with our community of strategists, artists, participants and developers to explore the ‘art of the possible’ as well as creating future-facing digital explorations.

Currently we are testing the beta version of a new online community exchange platform and work will be centred around this development. Deadline for applications: 23 April 2021, Midnight



Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth

Kim and Jenny present their new text 'Reflection on Reflection'


Moa Johansson and an*dre neely update

Moa Johansson and an*dre neely share 'filling up the orbit'


Free online talk with Tyler Denmead

Join us for a free online talk on 14 April with Tyler Denmead


Job Vacancy: Creative Technologist

We're looking for a freelance Creative Technologist to join our team!


Live Out Loud - Conversations with Artists

A collection of conversations with artists and creative practioners about specific topics. Published every week on our website, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher. 


Help and Advice

We've created a list of links to resources and advice for artists and freelancers during the coronavirus pandemic.